Steffen was born at the lake of constance in 1990 and is currently based in Stuttgart.
 After school he finished his classic training as a commercial-photographer. Since 2017 he works as a freelance photographer and worked at productions of  companies like Hugo Boss, Breuninger und Mercedes Benz. At the last years his Mainfokus is the sports- and lifestyle photography. Inspired of the emotion of different sports he always have new ideas to tell the story of the athletic person in his work. To catch a special moment of power and hold it for ever in one picture is unique. The pictures are characterized by closeness and authenticity which catch us from the first moment. They are very dynamic and impress us with the play of light and shadow. 
This closeness to the photographed people allows him not only to tell the story of the individual, but also to present a brand and its products authentically. 
selected clients​​​​​​​ : Hugo Boss, Breuninger, Mercedes Benz, Bosch, Novafon, GG, EMG Mundial, TuS Stuttgart 
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Telephone +49160/5489528